Liner 24X24 6 MIC Natural 1000 (20 RL/50)

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High Density Can Liners are measured or gauged in microns or Mic’s.  They are preferred for paper and non-sharp objects under moderate transportation conditions.  High Density Liners are produced using less plastic than linear low density liners. They tend to have a stiffer feel to the touch and make more noise when being handled. High density plastic trash can liners have excellent resistance to puncture and high resistance to tearing. They are ideal for wet, bulky trash.  However, they are not recommended for sharp objects.  They are also excellent in the following applications: food scraps, coffee grounds, paper trash (office, food service, restrooms).  They tend to be more economical making them excellent in healthcare, lodging and commercial applications where mandatory multiple liner changes are required.

Gallon Capacity: 10


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