Brooms & Handles

24” Floor Sweep – Grey Polypropylene Fiber – FC24 G

Soft flagged grey plastic fiber is ideal for sweeping fine dust and dirt on smooth surfaces. Hardwood block with 3” trim.

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36 lb. Warehouse Yellow Corn/heavy duty/4 sew/wire band – A01001

100% Corn Brooms

Corn broom is absolutely the best broom fiber for resiliency, strength and wear. Our brooms are bound with double-stitched nylon cord and wire wrapped onto wood handles.

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Lobby Broom – LDPB

36” length with long wearing plastic fiber. Complimentary item for lobby dust pan.

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Maroon Polypropylene Fiber – 36” – MP36

Heavy floor sweep. A man-made coarse fiber. Great for heavy duty use in a commercial or industrial setting, like gas stations, garages, or car wash Impervious to water. Hardwood block in 3” trim.

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Metal Threaded, Metal Handle 15/16 x 60″ – 0160M

Tapered end allows fast and easy changes. Metal tip is outfitted with standard threads to fit multiple products. Handle number 0160M is a metal threaded tip on vinyl coated metal handle.

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Wood Threaded Handle 11/8 x 54″ – 0554

Wood and tapered handles are made of durable hardwood. Wood threaded handles have standard threads to fit multiple products.

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