Revolution® 80300

The Revolution® high-capacity dispensing system is designed to minimize maintenance and maximize cost savings for high-traffic areas. With its revolving design and our patented OptiCore® tissue, the Revolution® ensures that a roll is completely depleted before the dispenser will advance to the next roll, eliminating waste. Capacity for three full rolls of tissue allows for longer periods between maintenance. The Revolution® features a locking cover to prevent product pilferage and is available in five color choices.

Features & Benefits

  • High-capacity dispensing
  • Custom imprinting available
  • Accommodates DublSoft®, DublNature® and EcoSoft™ patented OptiCore® bath tissue
  • Provides maximum use of each roll before advancing to the next saving waste
  • Translucent Colors: Black (80300), Red (80330), Green (80340), Blue (80350), White (80360)

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