OptiServ Hybrid® 87510

Unique and elegant, the OptiServ Hybrid® offers the benefits of electronic touch-free dispensing as well as the convenience of mechanical dispensing when desired. In either mode the OptiServ Hybrid® delivers a single pre-measured towel that discourages users to take only what is needed to reduce waste, making it ideal for office buildings, colleges and universities and high-traffic washrooms.

Controlled-Use Dispensing

Metered dispensing discourages waste and controls cost. A locking cover prevents pilferage.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers both electronic touch-free and mechanical dispensing
  • Reversible cover increases options for placement
  • Built-in transfer features eliminates stub roll waste
  • Accommodates a variety of 8-in. controlled roll towels in DublSoft®, DublNature® and EcoSoft™ brands
  • Custom imprinting available
  • Translucent Colors: Black (87510), Red (87530), Green (87540), Blue (87550), White (87560)

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