Auto Dolly

The Dynamo Auto Dolly is a perfect alternative to a janitors cart with wringer bucket and provides added function and versatility. No need to lift heavy buckets, just dock and go.

This unique trolley dolly is also a docking station for the Delamo wringer buckets. Designed with a large footprint and seven 3” caster wheels for stability and a base platform for stick tools when used with the Dynamo utility can, also fits most utility cans. In addition, it features a foot pedal lock to engage and release the Delamo wringer bucket.

How Auto Dolly Docking Station Works:

The Dynamo Auto Dolly locks the wringer bucket onto the utility can dolly at floor level. No heavy lifting required. Easy to release, simply step on the foot pedal button on right or left and it is undocked, ready to roll.



Shown Auto Dolly (#8805), Dynamo Trash Can (#8810), Lobby Dust Pan with Wheels, Lobby Broom, 32-Quart Side Press Industrial Combo Wringer Bucket  and Springer Mop.

Link to video tutorial on product:



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